The Legend of Frankenbolt is the fictional backstory to the band, and provides an explanation, however absurd, as to how the group came to be. It is hoped that snippets of the backstory will appear on different pages of the booklet for the band's debut.

Chapter One: Concerning Food (and Lack Thereof)Edit

Will was a lowly servant boy who carried out tasks for a wealthy Cornish family. He resided in the cupboard-under-the-stairs of a gargantuan mansion in the south of England, doing whatever the aptly named Pompous family ordered him to do - unfortunately, at birth the boy had been abandoned by his (decidedly unsuitable) parents and dumped on a doorstep. The next morning, Olaf Pompous had encountered a small, contently sleeping baby while getting the milk from the postman, and was forced to bring the child up. The Pompous family were seriously disgusted by children, so much so in fact that Olaf's mother Patricia had hung herself after finally realising that she had, once, been a youth too: therefore, Olaf didn't exactly provide Will with a good upbringing. He would sporadically resort to physical abuse to get Will to do what he wanted, and if he was in a particularly foul mood, the tyrant would occasionally deliberately isolate the boy.

Gradually, Will become psychologically handicapped, scarred for life by years of maltreatment. The Pompous family's dog, a notoriously bloodthirsty mutt known as Vincent, lived in his personal kennel (an impressive construction consisting of an internal lounge area, dog-food vending machines, a four-poster bed and other questionable canine luxuries) at the back of the garden. Over one weekend, Will set about devising a plan that would help him get the heck out of the mansion, a plan that heavily involved the aforementioned Vincent...

The following Monday was a bleak, decidedly depressing fare. The perfect day, Will thought, to put his ingenious plan into action. Now, Will was never allowed to leave the mansion, and it was impossible for him to do so regardless - every existing window in the mansion was barred and the doors were only unlocked when one of the Pompouses wanted to go through them (they were immediately locked afterwards). The garden could only be accessed via a door and thus, it was impossible for Will to get outside. Unless, he realised, he utilized the chimney.

Luckily, Will was a rather small boy, and so he found it relatively easy to shimmy up the chimney. He had to do it when nobody was looking though, which was quite hard (the Pompouses moved around the house constantly). Eventually Will managed to climb up and out of the chimney onto the roof of the mansion, and from here he slid (very tentat