This article is dedicated to all of the mega Rubbish (with a capital R) bands that run through our modern day car stereos like a plague. Myself (Adam) and Sir William have compiled a list of the main bands that pollute our airwaves with their mainstream scum.

Ignition Edit

Infamous for holding the position of Frankenbolt's archnemesis. The band consists of:

Aaqib - World's most annoying drummer, invented phrases such as the classic 'Hey guys!' and 'Hey guys!'.

Preetkieran - Nice guy. However, iiimpression: 'Guys, I made a solo. It's alright I guess. -PLAYS MINDGASM SOLO- That's it. -CIGARETTE EXPLOSION-'

Joe - Amazing guitarist.

Jaydeep Singh - Annoying but nice singer. His real name is Dakh.