Life is a song found on Frankenbolt's debut album, Absit Invidia. The song is an instrumental written by Will, the band's guitarist, and is probably the song closest to completion on the album - a few demos have been made by Will and the latest one, it has been confirmed, features the exact notes to be played in the final recording. The song is predicted to be about one to two minutes long, and if this prediction turns out correct, Life will hold the title of shortest song on the album.

The song, consisting only of one guitar, has an uplifting, jovial feel to it. The desired effect was to create a piece that reflected how lucky we are to be alive and how fortunate we are to be able to do whatever we want. However, the piece was also intended to remind people that there are horrible things going on in the world, and that we should stop and think, sometimes, about those who are experiencing poverty, famine, war, and so on. So, overall, a very bittersweet song.