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cough- 5 inseparable friends-cough

Stephen left the band.

The Golden rule(s)

There is only one rule that must be abided by on this wiki. Failure to adhere to the rule will result in, primarily, a warning and, if the offender continues to abuse the rule, other consequences (decided by the FW team). The rule is as follows:

All members of the band have equal rights to edit any article of their choice. However:

-Vandalism is not allowed.
-You cannot edit an article whose content has been pre-designed. If you are unsure about this with any article, please consult with the rest of the FW team.
-Articles are not to be used to spitefully attack other members of the band. Sarcasm and deliberate references achieve nothing.
-Deletion of an article can only go ahead if you either a.) are sure the article is vandalism, or b.) consult with the rest of the FW team and decide, together, that the article requires deletion.

What's new

1. Biography:
2. Absit Invidia (album):
3. The Legend of Frankenbolt:
4. Rival band(s):


Frankenbolt Wiki (FW) is a wiki created by members of the amateur alternative rock band Frankenbolt, and is intended to be a source of information concerning all things related to the group - songs, albums, band history, fictional backstory, and so on. In time, it is hoped that the wiki will grow and blossom into a utopia of all things Frankenbolt - so, help us out today by scrolling to the bottom of this page, typing the name of the article you want to create in the provided box, and contributing to our website. Thank you!

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