Frankenbolt is a British alternative rock band formed in late 2008/early 2009. The band consists of five members - Will (guitar), Adam (percussion), Alex (keyboard), Stephen (bass/guitar), and Naib (producer). Despite being an amateur band, they are all music enthusiasts and are incredibly passionate about their work.

The band have yet to release their debut album, Absit Invidia, but songwriters Will and Naib have written all lyrical material and the tracklist has been confirmed. However, progress with writing manuscript is frustratingly slow, mostly due to the busy lives of the band members.

The name 'Frankenbolt' was thought up by Will, and when he presented the name to the rest of the band they were (refreshingly) unanimously agreed that it was the perfect name. Numerous ultimately unsuccessful brainstorm sessions devoted to creating a good band name had caused the band to grow increasingly irritable, and so it felt great to be able to move on from tedious arguments to creative songwriting.

Phase One: A Monster Is BornEdit

Towards the end of 2008, five inseparable friends (the current members of Frankenbolt) were inspired to form their own band, after being competetively encouraged to do so by a fellow band who, despite experience, these five friends reckoned possessed equal musical ability.

Will had just started experimenting with guitar (having never had an encounter with an instrument before) and was being taught the basics by Adam and Stephen, much more skilled players. Alex, contrary to popular belief, did not only play the trombone but also the keyboard, and so he automatically slotted into the role of band pianist. Stephen had some difficulty deciding whether he should play guitar or bass, but settled for guitar in early March. Adam declared himself to be in charge of percussion. There was, originally, some controversy over what now producer Naib would play as he had hardly encounted the playing side of music. So it was suggested that he manage the band and just generally keep the whole thing going.

So the roles had been sorted and the band knew who was doing what. Throughout Christmas the band went on a temporary hiatus for obvious reasons, wishing to celebrate with their respective families as opposed to getting down and dirty with songwriting. However, the start of a new year marked the beginning of months of painstaking songwriting (courtesy of Will and Naib) and ambitious discussions over what the future held for the band that had now been dubbed Frankenbolt. The band were all understandably pumped about what they were going to do but there came a point when they had to sit down and seriously talk about what was going to happen.

Now, the band all were keen to avoid playing covers and tributes of already existing songs, and wanted to make their own material - besides, Will and Naib had already produced a few things and it would have been a shame for these to have gone to waste. Therefore, it was agreed that Frankenbolt would work on an album - nothing too special, just a tentative toe in the ocean of musical potential - that would set them on their path. This debut would steady them and show them which direction they were destined to take, the crucial starting point of what the band dreamed would be a successful career - all they needed to do was name the album.

Originally this proved quite difficult, because the band as always had conflicting opinions. Much like with the brainstorming for a band name, Frankenbolt were unable to come together on one decision and there was always soembody who disliked one suggestion. So the band decided to stick with tradition and self-title their first album. Frankenbolt was the name thus given to the debut, but soon this would be expanded upon...

Naib had discovered a gem of a phrase (in Latin, naturally) - 'absit invidia', to be precise - that he gradually grew to love. Naib consulted the rest of the band and after it was revealed that 'absit invidia' in fact meant 'no offence intended', the band readily agreed to including this in the name of the album. So, the debut was given the name Frankenbolt (Absit Invidia) (this was later shortened - see Phase Two).

A couple of months later lyrical material was completed, and Will and Naib gave themselves pats on the back - it had been a hard job, writing nine different songs ranging from three minutes long to 9 minutes, but the job had been done. Naib, ever a resourceful fellow, printed out the lyrics for every song on Absit Invidia and arranged them presentably in a folder. By putting the words to the songs in the folder he could take them around with him and they were shown over the course of a few weeks (there were never any spare moments to simply sit down for a prolonged period of time - the band members all led, and still do lead, such busy lives) to Adam, Alex and Stephen. The songs were received generally well but unfortunately, a select few were a little depressing for Alex and Stephen. However, the lyrics were confirmed as those to be included in the final recordings of the songs, and everything was going well.

Phase Two: Out Of The Frying Pan...Edit

The band went on a temporary hiatus for the second time, wishing to have a rest from what had been a gruelling Winter. They hoped to get back together by the end of May pending the availability of the studio where they regularly meet up for rehearsals. While on hiatus the band underwent an album name change (after a vote within the band), converting from Frankenbolt (Absit Invidia) to simply Absit Invidia.

In early May the band started composing music due to finishing of exams and availability of the studio, and gradually they produced the instrumental accompaniments for Absit Invidia, Outcast, and Singapore Cane, while Left Hook and Life, the album's instrumentals, were already out of the way.