Absit Invidia (ab-sit in-vid-ia) meaning 'no offence intended' in Latin, is the first upcoming studio album from the British alternative rock band Frankenbolt. Recording will start in late June and is scheduled to be finished by the fall of the year. The main competetor of the album is Eclipse (or something like that), a project by regional cover band Ignition. On the 5th of May some of the 5 band members agreed that Frankenbolt (Absit Invidia) would be shortened to Absit Invidia. Will and Alex did not take part in the name-changing debate.
Absit invidia

Album art from Absit Invida, drawn by Will

Styles and influencesEdit

The five band members generally have a similar taste in music and also have their own unique tastes. Alex focuses his instrumental work on jazz, although he follows rock bands such as Queen and Aerosmith. He also enjoys film music, particular favourites include themes from Harry Potter, much to the disgust of Star Wars fan Will. Stephen's musical influences come from rock - however, he is currently learning classical guitar, and his taste in music lies in softer rock bands such as U2, Coldplay and Muse. He also enjoys bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers. Will has quite a varied taste in music. He enjoys Britpop/alternative bands such as Blur and Gorillaz while also following harder rock bands such as Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. Adam's taste in music is very unique as he adores notably 'heavier' music, maintaining strong admiration for groups such as, again, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, and Rage Against the Machine. Adam is the most musically gifted all-rounder in the group and generally plays every instrument well, so it could be said that he has varied musical influences. Naib makes up for his lack of musical ability by having extreme thorough knowledge of music in general. He has a very similar taste to Adam, but also enjoys Nu Metal bands such as Linkin Park and 'classic rock' groups the likes of which include Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest.

This particular album is very rock themed and focuses heavily on the actual instruments involved. In fact, there are two entirely instrumental songs (Life and Left Hook) on the album.


Over the course of the naming/song writing there were many disputes within the band. There was a lot of original content that eventually had to be cut (the band were keen to limit their debut to only nine songs - if they were too ambitious, the task of recording would probably have been incredibly overwhelming). The songs that were ultimately rejected include:

-, a surprisingly aggressive song about anger, written spontaneously by Will after he became absolutely infuriated (for reasons which will not be discussed).

!, a short beatbox collaboration, cut due to serious questioning of whether the piece was serious enough to accomodate the dark atmosphere of Absit Invidia.

Chimera, a song written by Naib about hiding emotions.

Attach the Wires, a song about backstabbing and conformity when amongst others.

Gentle Slips, a song about how, over time, all friendships and relationships are destined to fall apart.

Schizo, a song inspired by a particularly depressing phase which Will went through, wherein he would constantly change his mood and harass other members of the band for no good reason (the band's guitarist is infamous for his occasionally sour outlook on life).

The Power O' Speech (later retitled Any Single Feeling), a song about the utter loss of control experienced when the power of speech is taken away.



The songwriting was solely done by lead guitarist Will and producer Naib. The songs generally express the songwriters' hatred, anger and happiness (less of the latter).

1. Absit Invidia - A song conveying the potential of the band.
2. End This War - Taglined by the high pitched lyric 'end this war' between verses, this song is about betrayal and redemption.
3. Ode to Man - This song expresses our anger over mainstream attention given to celebrities unnecessarily, when a normal person in the same situation would be treated with no such respect.
4. Singapore Cane - A song about child abuse in all countries.
5. Little Machines - Naib's theory of the past being caused by the future.
6. Life - A feel-good instrumental.
7. Frankenbolt - A song about a man who comits suicide and is brought back as a monster, much to his horror.
8. Left Hook - An epic guitar solo, composed entirely by drummer Adam.
9. Outcast - A song about isolation and rejection.


Will - lead guitar/songwriter
Alex - keyboard/occasional Trombone
Stephen - bass/rhythm/occasional lead
Naib - songwriter/musical director
Adam - percussion/occasional lead

Note - There was discussion over whether to allow resident talented singer Jay into the band to occasionally record vocals for Absit Invidia. Many arguments formed over this discussion as Jay sings in another band called Ignition.